A Portrait of The Artist Project

A Portrait of The Artist is a project that has been running on the Kanelstrand blog for two years already.

Sonya, the designer of Kanelstrand will pair up with Marin Ívan PhD, a prominent expert in the field of eco-technologies from Islandia Geomatics to interview artists devoted to ecological sustainability and to showcase items from their portfolios.

The aim of our project is to offer publicity to independent artists from around the world, regardless of their media or experience in online selling. What we are looking for is eco-friendly conscious philosophies put to action and playful cleverness.

We would love to offer a venue for sharing the stories and experience of talented people who are usually humbly hiding behind their amazing creations.

To read the interviews so far, click here.

If you are interested in participating, or if you would like to recommend an artist, send us an email at interview@kanelstrand.com.

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