11 June 2011

Yarn Bombing or Knitting in Public?

Yes, I've been asking that questions myself! Did you know that June 11, 2011 is a very important day for knitters and yarn lovers from around the world? Two definitely awesome international activities are starting today, and I cannot miss any of them!
Photos: Twilight Taggers, Chris Goble

Today is the first ever International Yarn Bombing Day! The idea comes from Canadian Joann Matvichuk. Even if you have never yarn bombed in the past you sure have seen those vibrant colorful patches on poles and fences scattered around town and you know how they can brighten your day simply by being soft, handcrafted and out of place in the urban jungle. Check out the Yarn Bombing Facebook page to see how the organization is going all over the world and maybe be a part of it!

And if that wasn't enough, knitters from all over are uniting to start the largest knitter run event in the world called World Wide Knit In Public Day. This year it will be celebrated from June 11 to 19 (quite a long day, actually). So, don't waste time! Grab your knitting needles and go out in public! Although knitting and crochet are typically considered solitary, today you have all the reasons to socialize with other crafters and fiber artists in a strive to create better living by stitching together! Lots of local events are being organized so make sure you check what is going on close to you here. 

I am rushing out to do some knitting under the sun! Are you?


  1. I just recently read about yarn bombing, what a way to infuse the world with color and creativity! No crocheting in the sun here today, cool and rainy. Bet the plants and flowers love it though! :)

  2. Hehe- this is pretty neat!!! I wish it was sunny here... kinda dreary today. It's cooled down quite a bit from the temps it's been! :)


  3. Yarn bombing looks awesome! I may have to participate in the World Wide Knit in Public Day... sounds like fun! Once my mom went on a walk and said I had to go along, but I didn't want to stop knitting to go, so I knitted while I walked. I probably looked so strange, but I didn't really care! LOL

  4. I'm going to have to learn how to knit! Maybe this is the day to start!
    Have a great weekend! :)

  5. I haven't heard of yarn bombing - very cool! And I will be looking for public knitters this week! :) (fixing above typo)