26 June 2011

Weekend DIY: 7 Projects With Magazines

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With time I tend to accumulate tens of magazines on my shelves and the thought of throwing the piles away makes me feel like a complete waster. So, you can imagine how glad I was to find these impressive projects to reuse old magazines. I hope you will find them equally useful! 

1. Magazine stool
2. Recycled paper bead bracelet
3. Magazine jewelry
4. Coiled paper basket
5. Recycled magazines basket
6. From magazines to a picture
7. Turn your magazines into a bookshelf


  1. i love the magazine jewelry idea! and still wondering about the bookshelf. thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for sharing. LOVE the picutre idea!

  3. Love these ideas, even though I'm not crafty enough to be able to create any of them! I just donate my magazines to the library, which they sell for 25-50 cents each :)


  4. Who knew you could make magazines sturdy enough to turn into a shelf! What a cool idea. My daughter makes plant stands with magazines. I'm not sure how she does it but they turn out really pretty!

  5. Annette, i would love to see your daughter's plants stands, do you have any photos?

  6. Thanks for sharing - that stool idea is brilliant! I hadn't seen it on apartment therapy, thanks for the link. I love how the belt will hold them together and you can still access magazines, while making them useful instead of just a pile taking up space.

  7. Lol ~ that stool is awesome! Love all the ideas,and what great ways to recycle! :)

  8. Awesome ideas! We included it in a roundup for reuse book ideas: http://mfta.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/reusing-old-book/

  9. mfta, great! Thank you for letting me know!