10 June 2011

Scandinavian Summer and Exciting Events

I grew up believing that June brought summer. These days I would rather say that June is to the year what Friday is to the week. Why? Because Friday is the multi-layered ing-yang of the week. It represents the end of tedious working days and nurtures in itself the exciting anticipation of leisurely weekend activities. 

June is so much like it, isn't it? At least around here, it is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year, the month when school finishes, when temperatures start rising so much that you can actually swim in the sea though, truth be told, I rather dip my toes even in July. June is also the month of summer solstice, when in Norway we burn big bonfires and spend a lovely elfish night together. But I will tell you more about that when the day comes.

The more exciting news is that June will be pretty eventful on Kanelstrand Organic Living as well! I want to share with you the joy of Scandinavian Summer and have prepared fabulous giveaways from outstanding independent artists and a lot of discounts! Make sure you check the blog daily so that you don't miss an opportunity for celebration!

Also, with the incredible growth of readership (thank you all!), Kanelstrand Organic Living is finally and officially offering ad space and different sponsor packages. You can learn more about it here. I see advertising as an opportunity to showcase your amazing work as independent artists or bloggers to like-minded people and what better way to do so than on a popular and frequented eco blog like Kanelstrand Organic Living!

So tell me, how do you feel about June? Do you follow any specific traditions?