04 June 2011

Make The Most of Your Time

Can you imagine what an amazing day it was today in Southern Norway? Clear blue sky, sunlit grass, light breeze, hot sand and lots of happy faces. Life at the beach is pretty much awesome, especially in Norway.

This past winter was so hard to endure! It started in October, something unusual for the otherwise blessed Southern part of Norway and basically ended in the middle of May. By winter I mean not less than 3 ft. snow most of the time and no warmer than 14°F (-10°C). 

Of course, the temperatures changed at the beginning of May but didn't really get up to 60°F (15°C) until the end of the month and then... June came! And guess what? June brought us the most amazing summer! So far 4 days of steady 77°F (25°C). That could sound cold to some of you but to us, living here, this is unbearably hot and lovely! Ah, I could have this summer all year long.
Warm weather, luscious green meadows and dark blue sea made me calculate how much time I am spending at the computer, and trust me, you would be dismayed to hear the number of hours, so I'll save you the pain in the ears. 

The good news is that I devised a quick and effective plan to save time on the Internet and shared it with Christina's readers over at The Blog Entourage. I would love it if you take a look and tell me what you think. Do you use any of the time saving methods mentioned? Or do you have any ideas which you don't see mentioned?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great article. It does help to keep it simple when you are into blogging.

    I really love that top picture! That water is so blue and beautiful.

  2. I'll have to go and check that out! We had the same kind of winter here in Ct, feet and feet of snow on the grounds for many weeks! The dogs and cats were reduced to paths we cut through the snow!Needless to say, spring clean-up was rough! ;) I'm glad you're enjoying some lovely summer weather, soak up that gorgeous sun! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! Off to checkout Christina's blog now :-)