26 July 2013

Printable: Poster and Price Tags for Your Next Yard Sale.

With summer in full swing, yard sales have been sprouting up everywhere.
They are one of my favorite things about the season: people's old treasures spread on their lawns, the slight guilt of browsing through a stranger's artifacts…

Recently, while packing for a big move, I got excited about the idea of having my own yard sale to thin out the contents of my apartment. Alas, yard sales are not allowed on the grounds of my apartment complex—the sorrow!—so I ended up donating my stuff to a local charity instead.

I'm still excited about the idea of hosting my own yard sale one day, and making a small event of the occasion, with colorful balloons and icy water for the visitors…

For now, I'm pretty content with helping others put together their own de-cluttering event:

This ink-saving set of poster + 16 price tags can be printed on 8.5 x 11 sheets. The printouts are black & white, the idea is to add your own touch. 

Download the full resolution poster and tags.

The poster is a coloring page of sorts: print as many as you need and fill in the letters in bright colors for added visibility. This could be a fun project for the younger family members, and a way for them to get involved—although no one will judge if you find yourself coloring letters and loving it!

As for the tags, you can color them in or leave them as they are, put some string through them, or tape them in place. Make sure you print a good stack of them, in case you decide to modify prices as the sale advances—and also because price tags have a tendency to get lost in the commotion. 

Nail some posters around town, prepare your price tags, and unveil your own trove of goods to the world. Oh, and read around for advice on how to have a successful yard sale; some people have made an art of it!

Good luck! May your yard sale rid you of the old, and make room for new things.

Anabel Bouza insists there's powerful magic in the action of creating something out of a vague vision, a chill of inspiration. She is an illustrator with a passion for nature, paper manipulation, and pointing her camera at things. Her appreciation for simplicity dates back to a former life in Cuba where she refined the ability to see the alternative uses of common objects, and the enchanting side of things. 
You can find her blogging as Weird Amiga, hard at work in her sunny studio, or staring at things as if looking at them for the first time. 
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  1. Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love the design of that poster! Thanks for sharing.