29 December 2012

For a Mindful End of the Year

The end of the year puts way too much pressure on our bruised and battered nervous systems, don't you think? It is a time for unusual activities and lots of them. Here is what happens in the short 7-day period between Christmas and New Year's Eve:
  • We eat too much.
  • We drink too much.
  • We meet too many people.
  • We spend more than planned.
  • We make it a point to revise the past year and plan ahead for the new one.
  • And that, on top of all the cooking and cleaning.
To me this is stress, not joy.

This last week of the year seems to be enjoyable only for children, careless as birds. 
Mindful living. Appreciate what you have, by Kanelstrand

I challenge you to spend this day mindfully.

Sit quietly for a moment and reflect. Let the stream of events surround you like the waters of a fast and cold river but don't allow them to carry you away.

Here you are, today, having the only chance to live it to the fullest. 

Treat it like your last day. It really is. You will never have the chance to re-live it again.

Be present in the moment. 

Observe your surroundings. 

Listen to your body. 

Go outside, look around with love and be grateful that you are alive and healthy.

Your priorities will change once you embrace calamity and you will be able to finish off your duties much more efficiently. You will enjoy them, to that matter.

And stress will be no more.

Whatever happens, don't let a moment slip away without you being fully present. The year ends in a couple of days and instead of wasting time for manifestos and affirmations you'd better take action and start living mindfully today.

It is the simplest thing you can do. Just be present here and now.