17 March 2011

Up in my studio

My studio is a warm and cozy place with a big window overlooking the pine forest which gives me inspiration every day, regardless of season or hour. From here, I can hear the waves when they are not as gentle to the beach and I can surely smell the fresh air.

Photo: Kanelstrand

Sometimes a curious Blue Tit comes in to check on my work and we perform the already established ritual of flying around the whole place, talking in our strange, invented inter-species language; maybe stopping for a second to check for some crumbles and finally tweeting goodbye. See you tomorrow.

And then, when I am left with my knitting and felting I open my mind to all moments spent in the forest, on the beach - at sunrise, at sunset, and all the forms and colors come out naturally and twirl, and combine by themselves on the bracelets.

Welcome to my studio, where reality and imagination come together to create a piece of jewelry - unique, appealing and sustainable.

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