09 February 2013

Weekend DIY: How To Make Constellation Cards

This post is written by contributing authors Vivid Please. 

As most of you will know, I'm pretty obsessed with space. With Valentines Day just around the corner I figured there would be no better excuse to indulge in creating a special DIY inspired by my love of constellations. This one is for all you star crossed lovers... get it? 

This tutorial is really simple, cheap and it only takes a few minutes to make something really special. The best part is you probably have the things you need to make it already at home.

Grab yourself a blank notecard (or fold a piece of card in half), a needle, pencil and some thread. I'm using embroidery thread as it'll stand out really nicely, but you can use just about anything.

The best way to start this project is to map on the card where your constellation stars will be. Using a pencil, mark out little crosses or stars for guidance. You could even join the dots to keep you right for where you're going to be stitching. 

Above is a quick guidance I made of 4 awesome constellations which you can copy / trace onto your card. You're welcome ;) You can google these if you wish to add in more stars (some of them are epic, these are simplified for ease and speed), or alternatively you could look through some Zodiac signs which would be amazing for birthday cards :D

The easiest way to stitch through card is to pierce the holes first. Using your needle, make holes in all the pointers of the star. I've started by creating Xs which is a simpler way to do things, but having 6 points instead of 4 is much nicer if you have the time...

Start by going through the inside of the card so your knot and 'messy' thread will be hidden till the card is open. Once you're done stitching, you could cover this up by sticking a little piece of paper over it; that'll protect your artwork too. Cross over all your stitches so each look like an x or *

To make sure everyone can make out the constellation, it's nice to add a little line of thread between each star. I did this as I went along, but you can always fill them in later if you're not sure you want to add them.

Oooh! Pretty! To finish it off you can use a silver pen to add in a few more stars to that beautiful night sky...


I think I'm going to make the whole set and pop them on my wall. Educational and pretty. Neat, huh! 

We hope you have fun making these starry starry night cards :)

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day when it comes! 

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  1. I love this! Awesome post: )

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  6. I'm pretty obsessed with space myself, and I've been in love with the constellation card idea since I first saw one! There are so many constellations to replicate! It could be an awesome, never-ending pursuit :)